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Thank you for choosing the Christian Games! Now! Computer Games section. We have different types of games available, for all ages. We have divided the different types into the following categories: Action, Adventure, Casual, and Educational. Action games are targeted more toward teens and adults, and are very energetic games. Adventure games are targeted toward teens and adults, and are less energetic but require some heavy thinking. Casual games are suitable for school-age children to adults, and include the classic puzzle and card types. Educational games are primarily aimed at children, but some games are suitable for adults as well. For more help with selecting items for someone, please visit our Help & FAQ page.

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"Thank you for providing the product I wanted at a great price and for not making me pay expensive Shipping & Handling!"
- Cynthia in Virginia

"Thanks very much for the fast service."
- Sara

"The order was fast, the games were great, and I'll be in touch again. Thanks again."
- Brian

"The package of games arrived yesterday and you should have seen my son's face light up! I have to be a mean mom now and not let him play on the computer till he finishes his schoolwork."
- Aleta

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