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Welcome to the Christian Games! Now! Survey section. These are survey or offer opportunities that we have found out about - a way to earn extra money.  We are trying to list the ones that are honest and actually pay out - so many are also going to requiring you to sign up for trials or set such a high cash out threshold, they are not worth the effort.  Please let us know if you have any issues with any off these by Emailing us.
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"Thank you for providing the product I wanted at a great price and for not making me pay expensive Shipping & Handling!"
- Cynthia in Virginia

"Thanks very much for the fast service."
- Sara

"The order was fast, the games were great, and I'll be in touch again. Thanks again."
- Brian

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Some of the Online Surveys where you can earn some extra money - these are free. And either rewards cash or points to where you can cash out or get gift cards. Some surveys give you a chance to win something - those typically aren't worth the effort. Be wary of ones that want to charge you to sign up for paid surveys.

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We have been a member of Lightspeed for years and have been paid several times. 

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